The Industry Leader in Effective TPE Fluid-Sealing Interfaces

Complex shapes, small features, intense pneumatic pressures – manufacturing stable fluid seals can be unexpectedly complicated.

For over 20 years, Enplas Life Tech has worked with industry leading clients to solve challenging thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) manufacturing problems, resulting in robust prototypes and industrial-scale manufacturing of the final product. With dedication to meticulous design review and engineering, tool building, injection molding and assembly, Enplas Life Tech will help you speed up product development and manufacture your fluid seals accurately.

When your project demands precision liquid transfer or tight air sealing with a low margin for error, Enplas Life Tech delivers reliable thermoplastic elastomer fluid-sealing interface solutions. We work with life science projects from prototyping to mass production on reliable, effective precision fluid-seals. Our experienced team has comprehensive skill in engineering, design, tool building, injection molding, and assembly.

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Fluid-sealing guide

Complex shapes, small features, intense pneumatic pressures—manufacturing a stable fluid-sealing interface can be complicated. Download our TPE fluid-sealing guide to learn how Enplas Life Tech can help.

Enplas Life Tech creates reliable TPE fluid-sealing interfaces for life science consumables and instruments

Enplas Life Tech reliably develops high-performance TPE fluid seals with challenging dimensions or requirements, including microfluidic chip-based technologies, collaborating with market leaders and startups in the life science industry. Specific applications range from in vitro diagnostics (IVD), next generation sequencing (NGS), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), immunoassay, electrophoresis, single cell analysis, sample preparation, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

An example TPE fluid-sealing interface for a microfluidic device.

What is a thermoplastic elastomer?

A thermoplastic elastomer is a rubber-like polymer material processed by injection molding. This material is ideally suited to creating fluid seals in mid-to-high volumes due to its cost efficiency. “Overmolding,” a technique to injection mold TPEs onto rigid plastics (e.g., reagent caps, cartridge bodies or flow cell chips), can replace secondary assembly steps with a more consistent production process and a stronger seal. Today, thermoplastic elastomer fluid sealing interfaces are used in many life science and bioprocessing applications for their high reliability and versatility.

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Example of an exploded view of thermoplastic elastomer fluid-sealing interface between cartridge and chip

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