Global Network

Enjoy uninterrupted supply and less downtime with our worldwide supply chain.

Worldwide Coverage

Our agile global supply chain means you have your product when you need it, where you want it

We understand: when you need product, you can’t wait. That’s why Enplas Life Tech is supported by the Enplas group’s expertise and network of 10 factories across the U.S. and Asia–to provide you with quality-controlled mass production of precision mechanical, optical, life science components where you want them, when you need them.

We specialize in customer-focused global supply chain management close to our customers’ production sites.

U.S. Manufacturing / Prototyping Locations

Need it good, need it fast? Enplas has the expertise and experience to handle millions of parts on-time, on-budget, and to spec at its strategically-located U.S. sites. 

Close communication and rapid turnaround for your development work. Speak to our local engineers to have your needs heard and manufacturing hurdles solved with clarity and speed.

Enplas Microtech – Microfluidics Prototypes: Santa Clara, CA

Enplas Microtech Office

  • Rapid microfluidics prototyping and design support
  • Functional design capability: Microfluidics design optimization for fluid control such as valves

Learn more about our intricate microfluidics prototyping capabilities here.

Enplas Life Tech – Life Science Production: Asheville, NC

Enplas Life Tech

  • ISO 13485
  • Class 7 Cleanroom
  • In-house tool making
  • Supplying top multi-business diagnostics, bioprocessing and other medical device system makers

Enplas U.S.A. – Mechanical Solutions Production: Atlanta, GA

Enplas U.S.A.

  • ISO 9001, 14001
  • IATF16949
  • Three plants with 40+ molding machines
  • Machine automation
  • Supplying top automotive, OA makers

Visit the website to know more about their gear design & manufacturing solution capabilities.