New Name: PolyLinks, Inc. becomes Enplas Life Tech, Inc.

Asheville, NC / New York, NY / Tokyo, Jan 15, 2018 – PolyLinks, Inc., a molder of precision injection components catering to the life science industry, has changed its name to Enplas Life Tech, Inc. Along with the name change, the company has launched a new website These changes are a result of the company’s acquisition by the Enplas group in June 2017. Headquartered in Japan, the Enplas group is one of the largest independent manufacturers of precision engineered plastic components. The holding company of all U.S. subsidiaries, Enplas America, is located in New York, NY.

The name change aims to unify the corporate brand to provide easier identification and more efficient logistical procedures to all customers. The new name emphasizes the company’s solid commitment to serve the life science industry and better reflects the increased technological capabilities in ultra-high precision microfluidics, onboard valve and pump technologies for sample prep, fully automated, endotoxin-free manufacturing and assembly, as well as nano-scale clean room molding, assembly and inspection systems, all gained through the integration with Enplas. Enplas Life Tech aims to bring the values and capabilities of Enplas to its customers.  Enplas Life Tech can now leverage a global supply chain and ensure continuity of supply.  Enplas Life Tech will also be more responsive to its customers, manage market and geopolitical risk better and bring the technical resources of its parent, Enplas, to help its customers to design, develop and deliver the next generation of life science products. The new name and brand will allow the company to expand its already strong international presence by attracting additional new customers specifically interested in Life Science technologies.  The change also signifies Enplas Life Tech’s stronger bond with the Enplas group, and its willingness to serve all customers with global teamwork.

About Enplas Life Tech, Inc.

230 Sardis Road, Asheville, NC 28806, U.S.A.

Enplas Life Tech is a company dedicated to both prototyping and mass producing complex engineered plastics with a level of precision necessary in the life sciences. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, providing a one-stop service from design optimization, in-house tooling, clean room injection molding, clean room assembly, inspection and evaluation with high quality standards. The company provides consumable parts to applications including sample prep, PCR, sequencing, Mass Spectrometry, and Electrophoresis etc, and other pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The company serves a wide range of customers from start-ups to market leaders.

About the Enplas Group

Enplas Japan: Shin-Marunouchi Center Bldg. 9F, 1-6-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan

Enplas America: 299 Park Ave, 41st Floor New York, NY 10171, U.S.A.

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1962, Enplas Corporation has expanded globally into one of the largest, independent manufacturers of engineered plastics. The Enplas group’s underlying foundation is its diverse, integrated technical capabilities, including ultra-precision mold design, mold manufacturing technologies, molding, and research and development. The group’s diverse product portfolio includes automotive, office automation, semiconductor peripherals, optics, and life science products. Enplas Japan is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and operates 26 subsidiaries and branch offices in 15 countries. Enplas America is the holding company of all U.S. subsidiaries, including Enplas Microtech Inc, a company catered to producing high technology plastic microfluidics located in the Bay Area. The group’s name stands for Engineering Plastics.

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Jan. 15, 2018 Press Release PDF

PolyLinks, Inc. becomes group company of Enplas Corp. of Japan

Precision parts producer Enplas Corp. of Japan has acquired injection molder PolyLinks Inc. for an undisclosed price, a combination that stages PolyLinks to be a lead manufacturing resource to the Life Science industry. This collaboration also provides Enplas with an established foothold in North America from which to expand its medical and biotech
business segment.

Asheville, N.C.-based PolyLinks is an injection molding and assembly manufacturer serving the biotech and medical industries. The firm operates a 45,000-square-foot facility with three cleanrooms. PolyLinks also builds its own tooling in-house.

Enplas made the purchase through its Enplas America Inc. unit. The firm operates in 15 countries and has annual sales of $400 million. Enplas provides mold building, high precision plastics manufacturing and research and development to the automotive, semiconductor, optical device, and biotechnology industries. Enplas already operates an injection molding plant in Marietta, Ga., which provides ultra-high precision gears to automotive, office automation, and other industries.

Together, Enplas and PolyLinks are excited to better serve the life science industry with their joined and expanded capabilities.