DOWNLOAD: Accurate Cell Sorting and Dispensing for Microfluidics

Enplas's innovative cell sorting and dispensing methods utilize on-chip electrodes and micron-sized outlet channels to:
  • • Improve cell sorting sensitivity
  • • Establish direct contact with the flow path
  • • Cover uniform distances
  • • Minimize device footprint
Typical electrophoresis-based cell sorting require electrodes placed on external instruments leading to inadequate sensitivity and a higher device footprint. Instead, improve the efficiency and accuracy of your device by placing electrodes directly onto the microfluidic chip with Enplas. Download our NEW microfluidics brochure to explore our cell sorting and dispensing methods, along with our microfluidic development and manufacturing services.

DOWNLOAD: Rotary Membrane Valve and Pump – Microfluidics Automation with Smaller Instrument

Looking to bring automation and simple efficiency to your microfluidic systems? Enplas's compact Rotary Membrane Valve & Pump (RMVP) system offers accurate and efficient control over multiple fluids.

DOWNLOAD: Point-of-Care Testing Cartridges

Enplas's NEW lyophilization meshed pod format for Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) devices solves automation and scaling bottlenecks caused by fragile lyobeads.

Enplas delivers every aspect of POCT device production–from feasibility studies to fully-automated assembly and supply chain management. Download the new POCT brochure to discover Enplas's range of development, lyophilization, and manufacturing services for the production of reliable and affordable devices.

DOWNLOAD: Enplas Life Tech Overview Brochure

Enplas is the leading single-source provider of reliable custom plastic injection molding and microfluidics for the medical, biotech, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

DOWNLOAD: Enplas Engineering and Manufacturing Services Overview – for Life Sciences

With over 20 years of satisfied customers, Enplas Life Tech is the leader in manufacturing precision plastic parts for life science products to your demanding performance requirements.

DOWNLOAD: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Bonding for Microfluidics

Enplas’s thermoplastic elastomer bonding for microfluidic chips delivers clean, biocompatible adhesion to any substrate material you choose. TPE does not cause clogging like PSA and can be mass-produced with consistent positional and height accuracy. Learn more about our TPE bonding capabilities for microfluidics!

DOWNLOAD: Pillarless Lamination for Wide-Channel Microfluidics

Wide-channel and large-chamber microfluidics can encounter challenges in mass production. Enplas’s innovative lamination solutions solve them.

Learn more by downloading our Pillarless Lamination for Wide-Channel Microfluidics Overview.

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DOWNLOAD: Microfluidics Channel Optimization for Mass Production

Small design changes during DFM can have an outsized effect on fluid flow performance in a mass-produced chip. To avoid unexpected loss of time and resources, Enplas optimizes channel designs for mass production as we conduct DFM. With Enplas, your microfluidic channel geometries achieve the flow parameters you desire and outperform designs based on software simulations alone.

Download our guide to learn more about how we optimize microfluidic channels for mass production.

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DOWNLOAD: Microfluidics Rapid Prototyping One-pager

Before investing in a full prototype, Enplas quickly creates and tests only your device’s critical features in as little as two weeks— saving you vital time and expenses later.

Learn more about our microfluidics rapid prototyping capabilities.

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DOWNLOAD: Injection-molded Microfluidics Services and Capabilities

Enplas is the leading provider of custom injection-molded microfluidic chips with an array of channel patterns, pillars, valves, bonding, laminating, automatic assemblies, and more.

We’re one of the few companies able to offer precision plastic microfluidics in high volumes without quality fluctuation.

Learn more about our microfluidic services and capabilities.

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